You know what it feels like when you’re completely batshit crazy in love with someone? When the world around you could be melting away, your hair is on fire, the dog is pissing the couch, and all you can think of is them? Yeah. Me too.

I’ve spent the last 3 hours scouring my library for love songs of all sorts trying to figure out what I wanted this list to be.

See, my initial inclination was to put together a list of songs about how crushing love can be when it’s over. The thinking went that since it’s valentine’s day, who really needs yet another list of sappy love songs?

Or worse, a list of bizarrely esoteric love songs that say more about the writers than you perhaps may want to know.

So I made 2 lists—one for breakup songs and one for love songs.

Breakup songs was winning for a long time… and then something started to happen… I discovered I needed the love songs right now.

I started finding a third group that I might explore more–unrequited love and creepy lust songs. This is a pretty good list with some great songs in it. We’ll do that one later.

Heart on your sleeve, unabashed, fuck-you-I’m-in-love songs are the perfect balm to the cynicism, rancor, and all-around shitty-ness enveloping the planet.

A love note from me to you. Happy Fake Plastic Hearts day.


(edit — I just discovered that spotify embeds require login.  I’ll have to find another solution)